Wednesday 7 December 2016

Rumblings afoot

I am rubbish at keeping up with this blog.  It's a proven fact.  To all the loyal followers I once had, I am SORRY.

Self promotion is an ugly thing. Week in week out selling requires bullish drive and a hardened soul. I must try harder.  O the drama!  I must muster all stamina, endure the failures and quash my angst and doubt.

What is it all for?

On a similar theme Nick Cohen (on speaking at literary festivals) once wrote,
"As a well brought up Englishman, it has taken me years to overcome my instinctive nervousness at asking to be paid.  It felt sordid, not the sort of thing nice people do...
...I agreed to work for nothing  then resented the festival organisers and despised myself for going along with them."

Sharing his sentiment and stealing his words I write,

As a well brought up Englishwoman, I struggle to overcome my instinctive nervousness at self promotion.  Every now and then I give it a go, but cringe with embarrassment at every post and despise myself for being a brazen show-off.   It feels sordid, and not the sort of thing nice people do.


Important Stuff;

Christmas cards are available to buy from my Etsy shop.

I am now stocking the new shop, No.4 in Mersea.  Please support it, I'd like this shop to stay.

I am also at the Salty Dogs Show in Maldon which runs until Dec 31st and is in full swing. Do go.

Something Extra;
I have a new role at the lifeboat station.

Having served more or less 8 years as a member of the West Mersea lifeboat crew I now begin a new role as lifeboat press officer.  I had a thought that I might publish lifeboat news regularly here, in my Art Blog, as well as in the local papers.  Still Leafy's Art Blog, but with added lifeboatyness to spice things up. Watch this space. 

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