Monday 12 March 2012

Up the hole, round the tree and down the hole.

Another day sitting at my desk; six layers, a woolly hat and umpteen cups of tea going cold before I drink them. It is freezing in here. I've been drawing trees and bunny rabbits for some nitty gritty knot illustrations I am working on. (No prizes for guessing which knot this is!?)
I like to listen to BBC Radio 4. Sometimes I have to concentrate so hard I have to turn the radio off, but today I was listening and drawing. This morning, Woman's Hour had a special "Women in Business" programme, and Jane Garvey was chitchatting with a panel of female entrepreneurs. She asked the successful business women to give an inspirational tip to any small business listener trying to do it for herself...

"Self promotion is not a sin," was the cry I most remember.
The trouble is, I think it is, and therein lies my problem.

Monday 5 March 2012


You have to be quite dedicated to sit through all of that last post. Please forgive me for inflicting such a whopper video-clip upon you, but the amazingly yellow deck paint (which you have to get at least halfway through to see) has got to be worth a smile, and good characters in nice woolly hats are always a joy to see!

Here are some nautical knobs that I promise won't waste more than a second of your time, and a few more for people who like pink.