Sunday 28 February 2010

Straying from the Path

My Salty Seagirl and I had stewed apple with our porridge this morning for extra energy.  She was off visiting friends and relations, and I went to build The Shed.  I am doing more pulling apart than building at the moment and the electrician will be annoyed with me.  He has spent days putting wires in the walls and now I am knocking the walls down.

My mother thinks blogs are okay if they stick to a subject, and not if they digress into how you had a cup of tea this morning.  She has a point, and for the most part I agree with her.  Here I have a problem; there is nothing remotely arty about this post; I have not picked up a paintbrush for weeks; I am rambling about porridge and electricians; this is turning into "Leafy's Building Blog".   

My saw is blunt, my knuckles are skinned, my hammer won't hit straight, my lungs feel clogged, my teeth ache (I am incapable of removing nails without grinding my jaw), the sooner I sort out The Shed and get back to drawing and painting the better.   

Tuesday 23 February 2010

Old Workspace

New Workspace
My new workspace needs a bit of roofmending so I am really hoping the rain will go away (just for a bit) but low after low keeps rolling in.  Despite the leaky freezing drippiness I am really looking forward to moving in,  getting organised and becoming a super-new productive and super-new efficient me.  My space in the Shed is altogether nicer with more light and more room than I have ever had before.   The consequence of this is that my artwork will be nicer and so will I.   I am not sure if that last sentence is actually a truth?  ...we shall see.

Please let me have a few dry days.

Sunday 14 February 2010

Wednesday 10 February 2010

The Fish Shop

My postcard rack has found a new home in the fish shop.  Here it is sitting on the counter.

Friday 5 February 2010


For the last nine and a half years Leafy HQ has been a Victorian terrace half a mile inland.   This is all about to change as we are moving.  We have found a dear little cottage a stone's throw from the tideline where you can hear the ching ching of the rigging and smell the mud.   It has apple trees and roses, a farm gate, little leaded windows and a privy.  It looks like just the sort of place Little Grey Rabbit herself might once have lived.  
Now if you are thinking this is just too peachy perfect to be true,  then you are right.  There is a catch.  

The new Leafy HQ is an old shed in disguise.   The roof leaks,  the electricity is antiquated and dangerous,  the plumbing is clanky and seized up,  the windows are rotten and don't open,  there are mushrooms growing in the ceiling,  the privy door is falling off,  and mice and various other creatures have comfortably settled in.   

I am busy making a clean dry corner to lay my paintbox and my head.

Tuesday 2 February 2010

raison d'etre

Some of you may be wondering about the point of this blog,  and why progress on my website is slow.    

My plan is to post up new work, ideas and arty stuff I am up to,  and to generally nudge folk in the direction of my website (which will show you what I do in a more coherent fashion,  & will also have a shop for those of you who'd like to buy something Leafish).   My website is a work in progress,  still unfinished,  infact hardly begun.   The trouble is it has to vie for my attention,  and my attention is elsewhere at the moment.

I will leave you with some painted stones,  and a promise to be back soon with news of what's afoot.