Friday, 5 February 2010


For the last nine and a half years Leafy HQ has been a Victorian terrace half a mile inland.   This is all about to change as we are moving.  We have found a dear little cottage a stone's throw from the tideline where you can hear the ching ching of the rigging and smell the mud.   It has apple trees and roses, a farm gate, little leaded windows and a privy.  It looks like just the sort of place Little Grey Rabbit herself might once have lived.  
Now if you are thinking this is just too peachy perfect to be true,  then you are right.  There is a catch.  

The new Leafy HQ is an old shed in disguise.   The roof leaks,  the electricity is antiquated and dangerous,  the plumbing is clanky and seized up,  the windows are rotten and don't open,  there are mushrooms growing in the ceiling,  the privy door is falling off,  and mice and various other creatures have comfortably settled in.   

I am busy making a clean dry corner to lay my paintbox and my head.


  1. it sounds wonderful leafy ... it will be great in the end .. and you can always make mushroom soup !!.. sounds like a big project .. but i'm sure it will be gorgeous in the end xx good luck xx

  2. Thankyou heleneo for your positive words... I don't think the mushrooms are the edible kind though...

  3. You're right, it does look a very Grey Rabbity kind of a house. Probably why the mice and other small creatures love it so.

    It will be absoutely lovely in the end, never fear.

    But who on earth is this Katharine Wrigglesworth person, pray? And what is she doing pretending to illustrate Little Grey Rabbit stories? Whatever happened to the wonderful Margaret Tempest???

  4. can't find my reply....whats happened x

  5. Hi Leafy. Well done - so it's goodbye to elegant Victoria and hello to being a "City" bird. I love your description of the slapping of the rigging - I'd forgotten that - I can't hear it here in my oh so elevated position!! Nolly xx

  6. Leafy,
    The Shed looks fab.

  7. Thankyou everyone for your lovely comments.

    Juliet, I agree, Katherine Wrigglesworth is an imposter... but a very nice imposter all the same. I like her illustration.

    To my first anonymous friend, you know where your reply is!

    Nolly, your elevated position is an enviable one and slapping rigging isn't everything. I am so happy to be in that boaty old corner at last.

    To my second anonymous friend, Thankyou. The Shed is far from finished but it's getting better. I really ought to re-christen it Hard-Work Cottage.