Sunday, 28 February 2010

Straying from the Path

My Salty Seagirl and I had stewed apple with our porridge this morning for extra energy.  She was off visiting friends and relations, and I went to build The Shed.  I am doing more pulling apart than building at the moment and the electrician will be annoyed with me.  He has spent days putting wires in the walls and now I am knocking the walls down.

My mother thinks blogs are okay if they stick to a subject, and not if they digress into how you had a cup of tea this morning.  She has a point, and for the most part I agree with her.  Here I have a problem; there is nothing remotely arty about this post; I have not picked up a paintbrush for weeks; I am rambling about porridge and electricians; this is turning into "Leafy's Building Blog".   

My saw is blunt, my knuckles are skinned, my hammer won't hit straight, my lungs feel clogged, my teeth ache (I am incapable of removing nails without grinding my jaw), the sooner I sort out The Shed and get back to drawing and painting the better.   


  1. Don't worry you're not alone, I too haven't picked up a paintbrush in weeks either (not the squirrel hair sort anyway). Plus, my posts haven't been at all arty either, but then most good blogs seem to be a bit of a 'smorgasbord'. I'm pleased to see your new project progressing... and the rain has stopped too!

  2. Oh James and Maggie, what will become of us? Yes, the Rain Gods have answered my prayers but the roofers have not. As for paintbrushes... I really don't think I should use squirrel hair now I am in Little Grey Rabbit's house. She wouldn't approve.