Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Old Workspace

New Workspace
My new workspace needs a bit of roofmending so I am really hoping the rain will go away (just for a bit) but low after low keeps rolling in.  Despite the leaky freezing drippiness I am really looking forward to moving in,  getting organised and becoming a super-new productive and super-new efficient me.  My space in the Shed is altogether nicer with more light and more room than I have ever had before.   The consequence of this is that my artwork will be nicer and so will I.   I am not sure if that last sentence is actually a truth?  ...we shall see.

Please let me have a few dry days.


  1. Now there is a rod for your own back - " my artwork will be nicer". Well, if that is possible, I suspect it will as a new 'office' just seems to generate a better feeling and loads of enthusiasm. Good luck with it and keep posting the photos. Although we can see the start it would be good to see the finish.

  2. sorry i hav'nt got back to cut the insulation, i've had a busy two days...i just hope you still have all your fingers ....x

  3. Hello My Anonymous Friend. I am doing a grand job of cutting it myself (with the help of my Daddy, a jigsaw and the bread knife). None of the joists are parallel which is very annoying, but I am getting better at measuring and I still have all my fingers. Come and see if you get a mo.

  4. ah.... found it