Tuesday 29 March 2016

The making of Rosa and the Seal

Well, Easter has been and gone, the clocks have changed, time flies and now all of a sudden it's 'Get-Your-Boat-Ready-And-Back-In-The-Water' time.

Boatwork is weighing on my mind.  Obviously I should have been doing it all winter but I haven't. There are a few brave boilersuited souls tinkering in the yard but I am leaning towards wimpishness and waiting for warmer days.  The thermometer keeps hovering around six degrees which is decidedly parky.  No matter,  there is indoorsy stuff to do,  an empire to build and a blog to update.

Indoorsy. Isn't that an awful word?

Quite a lot has been going on at Leafy HQ,  a big achievement has been finishing a new picture, Rosa and the Seal.  This is a deep and dreamy classic illustration of friendship and trust. The finished Rosa can be found over in my Etsy shop (click link), do look, but here (nervously laying my soul bare) are her sketchy beginnings.