Sunday 1 September 2013

Scandalise the Main!

Oyster dredging in the river today.


  1. The little blue dinghy is cute - do they really dredge with it and what is it?

  2. Yes they do! It's a Winklebrig, also known as a Mersea Fishermen's Open Boat (MFOB). We have a big fleet of them here (25 or so) who race regularly and they're all different. They are really gorgeous little boats, normally clinkerbuilt (I've known one carvel), between 12 and 20 foot, open-decked and with a gaff rig. James Dodd's done a lovely linocut of one here

    1. Oh I don't know if that link works- if you type in winklebrig and look on google images hopefully you'll find it.