Wednesday, 27 February 2013

My Magic Paper Flattening Machine

I had a message from a friend.

"I see you've gone all high tech," he said,  
(and added as an aside, "about time too").

I am afraid my reply was rather weak. 

I think I said,  "er... I am trying."

He was referring to my new facebook page, and I never thought I'd say this but that page is proving to be a good thing (so far); I am learning to like it. 

Despite my joining of forces with the (high tech) masses,  I must reassure you that Leafy HQ remains firmly (and proudly) low tech. 

Here is my Magic Paper Flattening Machine.
Ignore the monkey's fist - it's just added showing off.

Sometimes, when paper hasn't been pre-stretched, watercolour paintings can get a bit wobbly and won't lie flat.

Here's how to flatten a cockled watercolour (it's not rocket science) :

  1. Dampen the back of your painting carefully with a sponge. Don't make it too wet and don't let any water touch the painting itself.                                                                                                   
  2. Sandwich your damp-backed painting between layers of clean paper or card and lie it on a flat board.
  3. Cover the paper sandwich with another flat board and lots of heavy books.
  4. Leave it for two or three days et voila!
So fret not if your paper wobbles,  it's easy peasy to straighten it out again. 

Next time I'll show you what I was flattening (probably).

For now I must stop posting banalities and get on with some work for a change.

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