Monday, 11 February 2013

A Great Big Thankyou (and another question)

A great big thankyou to all of you lovely voters for taking the time to tell me which was your favourite dogger.  I had twelve votes in all (which is a grand start for me), four here on the blog, six lovely comments on my Facebook page, one secret message on Facebook (you know who you are) and one by email.  It gladdened my heart to hear from each and every one of you and has spurred me on my scribbly way.

'Sniffing the Wind' was the overwhelming favourite, followed by 'Talking to Each Other'.   'Lookout at the Bows' (which I am erring towards) was contrarily the least popular.

I'm now thinking it would be a good idea to make a series of boat dog illustrations (a set of postcards maybe), and for the commission in question I am minded to create a new composition using the best parts of all of the others.  I've got a bit of work to be getting on with...

All this commentability (not a real word but you know what I mean) is very handy.  I am hoping everyone is still in a chit chatty mood because I have another nitty gritty question to ask of you (which has absolutely nothing to do with boat dogs).

My question is this:

Do you think A5 is a fine size for a greeting card? (or is it too big?)

The shelves in my shop are terribly forlorn and empty,  and I would like to stock them up with some nice new cards.

The trouble is, I have a doubter living on my shoulder and he is always whispering in my ear.  I try hard to ignore him but sometimes his whispers are too loud for me to ignore.  On the verge of ordering some A5 cards I wobbled as he whispered...

"Too big!" he cried,  "No one will want them."

Please tell me he is wrong.

A5 is rather big and grand,  it's right for some things and not for others.  I must admit my perfect card size would be a bit smaller but the printers do not offer that option with the budget I have in mind.  It has to be either A5 or A6.  My postcards are A6, and I feel a nice cheerful happy greeting card should perhaps be different and a bit bigger.

Qu'est ce que tu penses?
The world will keep turning whatever size I choose, but my brain is small (and slightly neurotic) and it would be very helpful indeed to know if you think A5 is too big?

A5 is 148mm x 210mm which is half A4.
A6  is 104mm x 148mm which is half A5, and a classic postcard size.

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