Wednesday 6 February 2013

Boat Dogs

A little while back I was commissioned to do a very special painting for a nursery and I have been given full permission to talk about it here, which is very exciting.  I never quite know whether to keep unfinished work under wraps, or whether to flap it around and shout it from the rooftops?

Anyway, I am going ahead with talking about this, even though the piece isn't finished, mainly because I have reached an impasse and am hoping you can help.

In my painting there is to be a dog; a sweet dog with an adventurous little boy sailing away in their dinghy. I've been thinking about dogs in boats (some dogs are good boat dogs and some dogs are definitely not) and wondering what this little dog would be doing?  I've done some drawings and whittled it down to three rough options but can only choose one...
1. Dog and boy talking to each other.

2. Sniffing the wind!

3. Lookout at the bows.

My question is easy.  Which one do you like best?

I'd love your help.  If you're feeling brave, click the comments link below and vote 1,2 or 3....  (it should be easy... you can even be anonymous!)  or hop on over to my new facebook page which is a perfectly perfect place to leave comments and chat. (I'm planning on adding a facebook link to the sidebar on the right here straight away, but if it's not there yet just click here).


  1. My vote is for #2 Sniffing The Wind - love it

  2. #1 ... there are so many things the dog could be thinking/saying and so the picture holds one's attention.

  3. uhm, I probably prefer sniffing the wind, because:

    salty sea dogs are always interested in what the wind is doing and keeping an eye to windward is a very seamanlike thing to do.

    I like the balance; in talking the dog is very dominating and conversely in the bows is a bit distant.

    That said, they are all very good and a bit depends on the context of any message and specific meaning that teh picture is to convey.

    I'm sure you will make the right choice - decisions eh!!

  4. lovely drawings, but sniffing the wind is my favourite good luck they are all so good very hard to choose x

  5. Thankyou all of you, for all your lovely comments... I'm doing a bit of mulling over and will sum it all up in the next post!

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  7. nice sweet little story and a great picture art. i am really impressed. you did a great job. Yacht Charter Dubai

  8. I really like sniffing the wind! Gorgeous drawings!