Friday 28 June 2013

Oh my word, they did it!

The Islanders (two Mersea-ites, a Guernseyer and an Irishman) are back. If you are wondering what they're back from, read on or have a look here, and yes, I know Guernseyer isn't a real word but you know what I mean.

THREE ENORMOUS CHEERS FOR THEM; they have broken the world record for rowing unaided and nonstop around the coast of Britain in the fastest time yet. 

Living on freeze dried food and barely any sleep they battled terrible weather, treacherous tides, deadly shipping lanes and military firing ranges to round Britain in just 26 days, 9 hours and 9 minutes. Tower Bridge to Tower Bridge, clockwise. 

Here they are, exhausted, elated, and with tears in their eyes,  just after their finish yesterday afternoon.
photo by GB Row 2013

photo by GB Row 2013

For a closer look at their happy faces click on the BBC news article here.

Keep thinking keep strong thoughts for Savoir Faire, the two man team still in the race and currently facing horrible headwinds as they battle their way down the east coast. See them on the tracker here.
picture from the log of Savoir Faire

If you fancy rowing round Britain in two years time, come on and contact race director Chris Usborne!

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