Monday 10 June 2013

New Work

Some things are never as straightforward as I first imagine.

Last week I planned to finish off three boatdog pictures, pop them in my shop and Bob's your uncle!  Easy peasy.

The thing is, despite much drawing and re-drawing I still only have one boatdog picture which I am happy with.  Here is that one illustration.

Two more are almost okay but not quite (grrr) which is annoying because I want to send them all to the printers together (now) but I must also get back to the Council boards which are grinding on.  It's high time they were over and done with.  It's high time it was all over and done with.  It's high time I hurried up!

My salty seagirl spent her weekend out on the ocean battling with high winds and huge waves.  She was very brave but her poor boat didn't like the gusts one bit and with a creak and a crack has started to split.  This means I've been glueing (instead of working).

It's only 12 degrees C and I am plagued with the perennial worry that my epoxy may not go off.   I might have to get the hairdryer out.

little footnote on the GB Row.
After 36 hours rest off the Cornish coast (Gavin had hurt his back and the weather was against them) the Islanders are now back on form and powering up the Irish Sea.  If you look at their track (the white boat) you can see the loop-the-loops where they stopped for a while.

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