Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Swallows and Amazons

I am a big fan of Arthur Ransome's world of utopian childhood adventures.

We are jumping up and down with excitement here at Leafy HQ because a new Swallows and Amazons film is going to be made.  The producers are looking for boys and girls aged 6-13 and filming starts this summer.

"Offer them your children," shrieked the good people of Classic Boat magazine (obviously as excited about this as I am).

Now I'm not certain I will do as they suggest because although my Salty Seagirl is fully qualified to be a fine Amazon (or indeed a Swallow -she'd rather be Titty than Nancy) she is not one for jumping up and down infront of a camera.

Here's something they call a concept trailer.

Except it's not here anymore because all of a sudden it became padlocked and private and the good folk of Harbour Pictures say we cannot watch it without permission which is a big shame.  I am sorry about that.

I am now feeling bad for having found it, looked at it and posted it in the first place.  I didn't know I wasn't supposed to and I am very sorry about that too.

Oddly I can't remove it.  It's stuck here like a big embarrassing boil.

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