Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A newsy update

I've got a nice job at the moment illustrating some information boards for West Mersea Town Council.   The Council have been awarded a grant from Natural England to highlight some of the island's heritage and special places.  First up, St Peter's Well Meadow.

The boards will be a collaboration of the Council's words and my pictures. I have started with the layout and  spent an inordinately long time moving words and pictures around to work out the best composition;  in the car with scissors and blutack (whilst stuck by the tide) and at my desk digitally with photoshop (which is where I should be).
I must say it has been a bit of a struggle fitting it all together but I think at last I have done it.  Here's how the rough layout looks right now:-

 I am looking forward to the next stage and getting some paint out.

Now for a final little footnote to say 'gosh me!',  my pictures are in the East Coast Marine Services website! Do have a click here and a look around. It's full of useful stuff if you are boaty and from these parts.

(...and another even more final footnote -if you can have such a thing-  to say that Leafy Dumas does not claim to be useful stuff herself.)

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