Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Summer Days

The days are long and warm,  friends pop in and out and I have forgotten about leaky roofs and rotten windows.   Samphire fattens in the marshes and the sea lavender is flowering.   Dinghies chuckle through the water, children skip past with crabbing lines and daytrippers queue outside the Company Shed.   Coast Road is heaving;  it's almost impossible to get to the lifeboat station by car.   The seal is back,  bobbing around the hammerhead hoping for raw bacon from the crabbers.   

The garden drips with early apples;  drunken wasps gorging themselves on windfalls.   The pear tree is burgeoning and the cherries (still sour) have all but been stripped by the blackbirds.   It's Mersea Week next week, an annual gathering of boats and boaty folk will grace our estuary.   With all this going on one has to be quite strong-willed to sit inside and think about work.   Phoebe has put together a basic outline of the postcard section of my soon-to-be-webshop,  but I still need to finalise the details.   

I took some prints to the Art Cafe today,  one of which was my Fishpie illustration.  
On a technical note,  all my prints now have acid-free mounts which means the pith inside the mounting board should stay a pristine white and won't turn a nasty yellowy-brown with age.


  1. lovely blog and art work ;0)...lovely to see a Mersea islander! as i was one myself for 16 years growing up on the lovely mersea air and sea...really beautiful place and miss it greatly. i do pop back from time to time and i remember a seal when i was little ;0)x

  2. Hey Leafy, well done on the round the island race. i've put a picture of you, Hat and boat on my blog. Hope you don't mind! It's at http://tcknight.blogspot.com/

    Also i completely forgot to ask you when i last saw you - where do you get your prints and postcards done? I want to start being more proactive with all this art business!

  3. Thanks Kazzy, for saying such nice things! The kettle's always hot... do pop round for a cuppa next time you're over this way.

    Tom, I am honoured to feature on your blog. (well... my boat and my legs are at any rate!) Thankyou. As for my prints and postcards, I have used three different printers so far and am unhappy with all of them. I am not sure who to try next... ? (any ideas will be gratefully received). Perfect printers are hard to come by. It is difficult because I am a fussy perfectionist and they need to be fairly local and the price needs to be right. I can bore you with printing disasters if you like; email me at leafyatleafydumasdotcodotuk.