Monday, 9 March 2015

Two Extraordinary Things

Two extraordinary things happened to me last week.   Prepare yourself for a non sequitur of the utmost type.  My father died and a man with an early Victorian camera took an ambrotype photograph of me at the lifeboat station.

I have got that slightly wrong -my father actually died on Feb 22nd 2015 which was the week before- but his funeral was last Monday.  The lifeboat station photograph happened on the Tuesday.

I would like to write about both.  The former is rather more difficult to deal with than the latter, so for now I will just show you a picture,  of my father and I, from days of yore.

I will be back shortly to tackle the 21st century Victorian at the lifeboat station.


  1. Hi Leafy,
    I am really sorry for your father passed away. I can only say that the scene in the picture is so beautiful... I have just become a father of a baby girl, I would like to give her moments like this.
    All the strength.

  2. Thankyou, Pablo de Castro, for your kind words and thoughts. Lots of good luck with your baby girl. I am sure you will have lots of great adventures together ahead...