Sunday, 14 April 2013

Out on a Shout

Today was extraordinary and I hardly dare mention it for fear of jinxing the sunshine, but for the first time this year it felt warm(ish) and almost summery.  I started off with two jerseys and a woolly hat, and ended up in shirtsleeves- fancy that!

We also had the first lifeboat shout for a couple of months -my first shout of this year.

(A casualty thrown from his RIB and a swamped motorboat -his rescuer- stuck on a lee shore.)

The eagle-eyed amongst you might notice that this picture shows the old style lifejacket.  We've recently been issued with new lifejackets (that are slightly less cumbersome but more difficult to re-pack) and we no longer have maroons. I think I might have to re-do these illustrations.


  1. Just thinking .....why are they called maroons, is the colour?

  2. er... loudly exploding yellow and reds is a bit of a mouthful!