Friday, 12 November 2010

Salty Dogs

Here's a small peek at some of my rather measly contribution to this year's Salty Dogs Christmas Show.

Described by Claudia Myatt (Queen of Scows and boaty pictures) as a unique emporium of all things nautical, Salty Dogs is the brainchild of Den Phillips. This year the venue is 14 High Street, Maldon, (up at the top on the left), and the Show starts tonight.

My boggled brain has a headache; peculiar questions against the clock keep flying my way.. (Yes, the 11+ exam is only a week away)

If tomorrow is the day which comes three days after Tuesday. What then is the second letter of the day which comes four days before yesterday?


  1. Hi Leafy, thanks for the mention/link - your cards look great as always. Sorry I couldn't stay for the private view on friday but hope it was a success. The exhibition just gets better and better each year, doesn't it...... Cally and Den were just about creating order out of chaos when I left on friday.

    Bye for now from wild and windy West Wales.

  2. Yes indeed, thanks for the link to Claudia's site - I have just bought some cards! Good luck to Hat (and you!) on Saturday - I can empathise greatly. xxxx