Friday, 22 October 2010

Shop Update

I am slightly horrified. I know it's only October. I know the clocks haven't even changed yet, and my boat knows it's still rigged and ready... hoping for one more splosh and chuckle.

Yes, despite clinging to the last vestige of summer, I am going to annoy you all by announcing that I now have Christmas Cards available to buy in my shop.

I feel a little bit absolved in this because I know that West Mersea Lifeboat Station have been selling their Christmas cards all summer long (which won't make much sense to you lovely lot in the southern hemisphere, but for all of us over here summer and Christmas don't equate).

Talking of the lifeboat, this year I have decided to give 10% from online sales of my Christmas cards to the RNLI. I'm hoping we'll raise a fine amount. Click here to pop on over and see if you'd like a pack.

1 comment:

  1. oops lets try again. Being arty and into boats is right by me. Mike Friend, Aotearoa